Some Controversy

I want to talk about something that is very controversial. I know for a fact that it’s a gift and a curse and if you use them well, they can help you. If you use them badly, they can really hurt you and destroy your business.

When we start a company, a business or a venture I always advocate that the more we read, the more we learn and the more ideas we have. As entrepreneurs, we are by definition “problem solvers”. We always want to know more. Personally, I love the process of learning and I firmly believe that you should learn from different your industries.

Crystal Clear Focus

Here’s my controversial standpoint on the matter: I think that ideas are shit. I really think that the more we learn and grow as entrepreneurs, the more we get sidetracked. The more we progress, the more there needs to be focus. We need crystal clear focus on the business, what fuels us, what motivates us and what puts the entrepreneur in the best state to perform at the best level to feel fulfilled, happy, productive and to be able to think clearly. It’s a big paradox because I love learning and coming up with creative ideas but when I listen to other people’s ideas I lose focus on my vision of things of where the business needs to go and my business loses its momentum.

Anytime I get too creative with ideas my business suffers. I also need to protect my mind and I think that’s key for every entrepreneur. The issue we face is not having enough time to do the things we really need to be doing. Ideas are useless without execution. I would rather have my team have fewer ideas than come up with new ideas or creative ways. In business, if you’re making sales and growing, usually the business is okay. I would have everyone cut back on the ideas and put all of that energy into execution. That’s what I’d really recommend everyone do. If you took just one idea a month and implemented that into your business, your business would grow tremendously.

More Execution, Less Ideas

I really like the quote by Joe Polish, who said “the goal is unlearning”: forgetting what you know because what we know can really hurt us. Sometimes, our minds are too cluttered, which hurts the business. Think about that: the goal is to unlearn, to de-clutter what you have in your mind and forget about having new ideas. Think of having more execution. What can you execute today and tomorrow? What can you do in your business today?

Entrepreneurs love to brainstorm, but brainstorming is like drugs. New ideas and thoughts get their energy up, they’re all excited and pumped and then when the time comes to execute, it stalls. Stop getting high on your ideas and start executing the ones you had last week or last month. Protect your mind from people giving you advice about your business because as much as we need to keep an open mind, we also need to put on the blinders and focus on implementing and execution. The only thing that counts in business is execution.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you! 🙂