In this article, I’d like to share a way I’ve found to get the best results in your company when you have a team. If you’re a one-man business, the time will come where you might want to grow and have employees. In the past few years, I’ve had teams as big as 65 employees, but I learned that what works best for me is to have teams between 10 to 15 people. I’ve found that’s kind of my sweet spot.

I’m not a big fan of managing people, because it’s not my passion at all and I don’t find satisfaction in management. However, I do have a Director of Operations to manage teams for me. Let me share a few things we do in my own companies that help create a good environment for our staff and that gets things done.

Happy Employees Equals Good Productivity

One of the management strategies I’ve adopted at a very early age is a concept I took from Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of General Electric. He wrote a good book called, which is called “Winning”, and one of the keys that he talks about is creating and nurturing good managers. He implemented regular check-ups in his company where he would regularly assess his team of managers and he would tell his managers to do the same within their teams. One of the main points was to do a very direct assessment of every manager at the beginning of a cycle: at the beginning of the week, of the month, of the quarter, etc.

One-on-one Conversations are Key

In my company, we have a one-on-one assessment at the beginning and end of the week. If you have a bigger team of 10-15 people, I recommend you have a group call or a group meeting at the beginning of the week. Then at the end of the week, make a one-on-one assessment with key employees. In that way, you get to talk to everyone for about 3 to 5 minutes and those few minutes are crucial because that’s when you can review everybody on a personal basis.

I generally have calls every day or every other day with key members of the team who work on different projects. At the end of the week, we’ll have an assessment where we talk about the goals, deadlines and projects. We also talk about the performance of everyone on the team.

It’s important to have one-on-one conversations at least once a week where you discuss challenges and areas of improvement for everyone on the team. Being direct is crucial for employees to know exactly where they stand and to have an honest review of their performance by management.

Those are the big keys that you can implement this week. Have a weekly one-on-one meeting with every employee (or at least with your main staff members) and be honest about the good, the bad and the ugly. If they’ve done great work, congratulate them and tell them to keep going. If they’ve lost focus and their quality has declined, be very direct and let them know your thoughts. Transparency is the best solution I’ve found after hiring over 400 people in the last 12 years and managing teams around the globe.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you! 🙂