The Importance of Manufacturing

I had a talk with a really good friend of mine (an entrepreneur) and we were talking about the importance of manufacturing and the ideal work environment to be as productive as possible. A lot of business owners, entrepreneurs or even athletes, artists or freelancers would tell you, if you are in control of your time and you could create your own schedule, it is a blessing because you’re in control.

It can also be challenging. You can do anything you want which is also a gift and a curse. The biggest obstacle in succeeding as an entrepreneur from an entrepreneur’s point of view is time management. Where to allocate time and energy to get the biggest return and to be as productive as possible with the time invested.

Routine is the key. It’s crucial to be aware of where you’re good at. The necessity of being aware of your strengths and your weaknesses, embracing them both, you can outsource those weaknesses and hire someone to take over and to do things better than you could or would do if you had to do the things that you’re weak at.


A first routine – meaning: exercise or meditation for example. What would be the best thing for you to do when you wake up? What time would be the best time for you to wake up? For example – first hour, when I wake up is the most important for me. I need to spend time doing my own routine. I need to work out or go for a walk and then I need to have a very healthy green smoothie. It takes me about an hour and a half or two hours to get ready for the day. For me it would be impossible to start work at 7 A.M. or 8 A.M. because it just doesn’t work for me.

For you, may be spending the first 2 hours of your day on your health doesn’t work for you. I think it would really be productive for you to think even if you have years and decades of experience. I am still learning every day and I’m still growing. I’ve done some awesome things in business but I haven’t had 1% of what I know I can do in the next years to come.

Think of how you can manufacture the ideal day and the ideal environment for you to be as productive and balanced as possible. Balance with your family, health, thoughts and having time to do the things you love to do. Business is great, the hustle is great, having ambition is great but at the end of the day, it’s really about being happy doing what you do with the people you love.

Routine Equals Productivity

Health can deteriorate so fast that you have to look after health so make your health a number one priority. When you’re healthy, your mind is healthy. Your family, friends and business are the three pillars that help you achieve more in life. It’s absolutely necessary to craft the ideal day and make that day a routine that becomes natural for you.

For example: Travelling. I spend a few months between Switzerland, London and in the US and wherever I am it is exactly similar. I’ll wake up around 8, go for a morning activity to clear my mind and to get my heart rate up and have a green smoothie. Then I can work for about a block of 3 to 5 hours and I’m generally done for the day. My day ends around 5 P.M. I am a workhorse, a machine. Doing nothing for me is never a solution for me. I’m always learning, reading and researching.

The most productive time for me is between 11 A.M. and 3 P.M. or at the most 4 P.M. After that, my mind just disconnects. I need to get that prime real estate of time as focused as possible. That is my money time. After that, I can do some tee-or-two occupations, tee-or-two tasks like research or catching up on news or the market, what’s going on online or offline, speaking with the team, recapping the day. For me, that’s what works the best.

I want to really emphasize that the more you spend time thinking, finding and fine-tweaking your ideal day, the more productive, happier and the better you’ll feel about yourself and with the people around you.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you! 🙂