I started my coaching & consulting business in 2007 and started doing phone sales in my own business in 2008 selling high-end packages. Seven years ago when I was starting out in my business, I really didn’t have a system to convert prospects into clients.

What we have done for years is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners increase their sales. I’ve done dozens of small workshops and seminars in North America and across Europe and the main thing that we’ve noticed is that generating traffic, generating leads and prospects is usually the easy part. If you’re doing a good job and if you know how to service your clients, you will have people coming back to you for more and people will start talking to their friends or the people around them about your services.

The big problem that consultants and coaches have is that word of mouth is not consistent, it’s not predictable. It wasn’t predictable in my own business when we started out so we had to come up with a system to convert as many prospects into clients.

Getting more clients or getting more traffic is not the issue. If you’ve been in business for some time, usually people talk to you about it. There’s a weird dynamic when word of mouth starts going on because people will talk to their friends or colleagues about your service. The issue is that most consultants or coaches don’t have a way to really convert those people into clients.

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