In my opinion, the beginning of the relationship is crucial because just like any relationship, the first two to three weeks of any relationship dictate what happens for weeks, months and years to come. I remember talking with my ex-girlfriend about this: she had dated a guy who was very needy and tried to please her and get her approval all the time. He would drive every day to her work place and meet her after work, and I think that’s the stupid idea because it just creates a one way dynamic because he was chasing her.

It’s the same thing with your clients: if you’re the one doing the chasing and if you’re the one giving out trials in the hope that someone sees the value you give, it creates a weird relationship. It creates a relationship where THEY are selecting you. The solution to that and what you should start doing from today onwards is really shifting the dynamic. You have to shift from the prospects “trying you out” to creating an application process where the client has to prove his worth to you.

It’s a very big mind shift. I started experimenting with this a few months after we started doing sales in my business in 2008. I was selling $50 online digital products and I was thinking of ways to increase our customer value. The idea came to sell high-end packages and training programs. One day, I started calling our clients and offering on the phone our products and services and I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew that using the phone and having a one-on-one conversation would eventually lead to conversions.

At the beginning, I was doing everything wrong. But one thing that I was right is that I picked up the phone and I called clients. I way proactive. That led to perfecting this dynamic of making the clients apply to work with us. If you’re delivering a service right now, try to think of how you can create a dynamic where the client is applying to get your help and where you’re selecting which client you want to work with. That’s a key point for everything we’ve done since 2009.

I created a process where the prospect applied to work with us and we were selecting the clients we wanted to work with. It was by creating a dynamic where you select who you want or turn down who you don’t want to work. Doing this will give you enormous leverage. If you’re giving out free trials now, I urge you to reconsider that and to stop giving out free trials. You have to create a dynamic where someone has to almost sell himself to you to work with you.

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