Here’s something you need to remember at all times: if you’re a service provider and if someone comes to you, they’re looking to solve their problems. I know that you might be wanting to sell your product or your program but you have to approach it from the other side. You have to approach it from the side of the prospect that is coming to you for help.

One of the main issues with coaches and consultants is that they don’t understand the prospect’s point of view. They generally have an hourly product that they sell and they try to sell their services before even understanding the prospect’s problems. The end goal is obviously getting the sale, but you have to understand that getting to the sale requires you to think differently than what most people do in your market place.

Let’s say you have an offer right now and you’re selling it for $50/ hour and someone comes to you and they want to lose weight and feel better. You start talking to them and try to charm them; you try to seduce them into liking you. In my opinion, that’s a huge mistake. It’s a big mistake that I see a lot of service providers doing: they think that pleasing or seducing the customer will actually lead the customer to paying you and giving you money and often times, it’s not the case.

We’ve closed thousands of sales without ever meeting the client. We have done it on the phone and delivering the product online and sometimes we don’t even meet the client face to face. It’s not about charming the prospect into doing business with you, it’s about offering a solution that helps them get rid of their problems.

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