Matthias Mazur: We talked about a bit of the advice, we’re getting more into the advice for the young generation. I mean I’m not old but like the up and comers who want to make it really. What would be in 2015, obviously everything is changing so fast. We’re getting to the evolution of the business the way you see it. You’re a young artist now, you have the grit, you’re hungry, they come to you and they say, “Deams, what should I do? I really want to make it big, what should I do?” It’s a very generic question, broad but I just want to get what would you tell them. What would be the best way for them to get out there?

Deams: The first thing that I would tell them is to do some self-analysis to create self-awareness because with self-awareness, you are able to eliminate doubt and create self-belief because too many artist especially artists in their early stages they are too easily too influence by what other artists are doing and what other people are saying and that will block your creativity and your decided goals. That would be one of my first answers. It has nothing to do with music but that’s where I would start.

Matthias Mazur: So really kind of auditing yourself and being aware of your strengths.

Deams:  Yeah, so in order to create like what do you really want in order to create that image that you want, that image that you want to stand out, and the type of trail that you want to excel as you go forth because you’re not going to be able to speak direct to at this, if you want. Some people will like it, some people don’t. That’s just the way it is.

Matthias Mazur:  Yep. No, I mean that’s true and I always say like you become the president of your country by getting 50.5% of the votes meaning that almost half the country doesn’t like you but you’re still president. Especially if you’re an artist, I mean how many artists are hated by 90% of the people but they make millions or tens of millions with their very, very rabid fan base. Think of Justin Bieber, if you ask a 100 people if they like Justin Bieber, the public opinion is such that he’s not a very liked artist but he’s one of the most bankable young musician because he caters to a very, very precise audience and he knows it and his management knows it and he’s fine with it.

Deams: Yes, it’s also about attention. Attention nowadays has a lot of value.