Matthias Mazur:  That’s also one of the reasons why I wanted to have this interview with you because you have a huge network. I wanted to talk about this with you because a lot of artist especially the ones who are starting out, one of the main questions is they know that networking is important because there’s so much information online. You can just Google and see, you’ll find the top 5 ways to get gigs is networking but how do you see and understand and play the networking game and I don’t say play in a bad way, I’m just saying like what’s your thought process on how have you managed to build such a big network?

Deams:  First of all by being nice. A lot of people underestimate the power of being a nice person. People will always remember that if you treat people nice and respectful and that’s the first thing. I’m not the type of person that will ask you for anything unless it comes to one that we think about a great concept [or review 0:01:23] but I don’t ask for stuff. A lot of artist because of their eagerness and their drive, they tend to ask too much in the beginning.

Matthias Mazur: Too much too soon, absolutely.

Deams: Too much too soon that’s the word, too much too soon. So it takes time. A lot of people don’t have the patience to build a network and to keep their context. Like for instance, China is a good example. Like in China, relation has even more value than a contract.

Matthias Mazur:  Yeah, I get that.

Deams:  Over that equal of Guanxi. Guanxi means relation, that’s all about relation like they will take you to a KTV, that’s like a Chinese karaoke and restaurants or clubs or maybe like six, seven, eight times before they even start talking about business because they really focus on getting to know you first and we better believe that it will make you drink because a lot of the Chinese I met, they believe that when a person is drunk, he shows his true nature.

Matthias Mazur: Okay, that’s interesting.

Deams:  But then also maybe when I got there I find out that that’s the way they work, it’s really proof of how important it is to build a relationship. Nowadays, people want instant gratification on everything they do.

Matthias Mazur: Yeah, that’s right. I mean…

Deams: They have no patience.

Matthias Mazur:  Yeah and that example of like too much too soon is funny because I spent two years in LA in 2008 and in LA, if you said that you’re an actor, no one pays attention to you. Even if you are an actor, the worst thing you can say is “I’m an actor” because the way LA works is, if you’re an actor, I would know about it because I would see you. But if you’re an actor and I’m not seeing you, you’re not really an actor. It’s very LA and the too much too soon concept is amazing there because you will see waiters, literary, this might sound cliché but you will see waiters come up to tables where there’s producers sitting and I’ve had lunches with producers where the waiter will bring his headshot and his resume to the table I’m having lunch with the producer and say, “Hey, by the way, you know, can you just look at my demo?” and there’s no relationship that was built. I mean the guy was a waiter in a restaurant, right? So he’s serving food and he’s pushing his demo so what a horrible way of starting a relationship by asking someone to look at you and you don’t even know the guy, you don’t even know the person.

Deams:  Well, I think it’s also a case of knowing who to approach and when because I remember that Jean Claude Van Damme, that’s how he managed it.

Matthias Mazur:  Yep, I agree but you know, you have those anomalies and then again, it’s very LA. A lot of people go there thinking that they will meet the one in a million producer who might pay attention to them at that very second and it might made their career but for every Van Damme’s there is tens of thousands of…

Deams:  Millions.

Matthias Mazur:  Millions, I want to say tens of thousands, that we say millions of people who just go too much, too quick, too soon and it will destroy any viable relationship.

Deams: Especially nowadays as they want everything…

Matthias Mazur: Quick.

Deams:  Yep.

Matthias Mazur: Yep, I think that’s probably the biggest takeaway networking in my podcast channel. In one of the themes I was talking about one day was how I built my network with movie producers and in business and it’s the same thing. For years, I build relationship with very high level producers without even telling them I act and produce. It was two-three years after I built a relationship and a friendship with them that I said, “Oh by the way, I also make movies” and by then, they prompt you to say, “Oh can I help you? Let me know how I can help” so it just shifts and because you’re in a real relationship. You’re not asking them for anything but again, with this whole show of Get the Gig when I’m getting a lot of my friends on the show, it’s very counterintuitive because you want to get the gig, you want to get a Grammy, brand recognition but it’s almost working in slow motion that will get you the best results eventually.