Deams: What about your opinion?

Matthias Mazur:  Unfortunately I… You said 50/50, I think that in today’s society, seeing how people consume information. I think that it’s even more, sadly, I hate to admit it, I think it’s sadly more towards you might have better results as an artist, meaning more attention and building a bigger fan base, marketing yourself and branding yourself in social media. But I’m like from the old school of the state of mind of you need to work. You know when I was a pro tennis player, everything went through, we need to work on your skill. It’s skills and it’s hitting thousands of serves so I come from that very concrete place where it’s you need to have the skills to do what you want to do but the reality is people, the market consumes information in a way today that sadly, you might get better results focusing more on your brand. I hate to say it but that’s how the state is today I think.

Deams: Yeah, that’s why I’m seeing 50/50.

Matthias Mazur:  Yep and even, I don’t want to name names but you’ve seen in the electronic space, electro EDM space. I mean everything’s done anyway electronically right? A lot of this big debate right now of hiring very young and talented kids who can create sick beats and sick songs and they feed them on to the biggest names in the industry for $2,000 or $5,000 and the big names just put a few beats on it and then it sells and it’s number one. And I can respect that because they’ve done it to a level where they’ve had 5 or 10 big songs but I think it is a bubble. I think eventually with more transparency, we might see artists who are very talented and who are feeding very good music to big names, saying like “I don’t need the big names to endorse me because I’m good enough.” Do you see what I mean? I think that maybe eventually, it might come back to the skills which me being a workhorse, I would appreciate that more, someone whose built the chops and the skills rather than the promotion.

Deams: You know what? You’re probably right, I mean everything is a cycle, I mean look at the rise of Final is the best three years. The rise in the sales of Final just go straight to the roof and I bet a lot of people don’t even have record players at their house.

Matthias Mazur:  I don’t, you know?

Deams:  But some people just still buy it just because the artwork and it’s like they want to have. I think a lot of them goes in cycles but with the EDM, I understand it and I understand about the popularity of it because people don’t have to think, basically no lyrics involved. You know it’s the birth of the way for a lot of people to end their work week and forget about all their personal stress. But I think the danger lies in the fad that it all sounds the same.

Matthias Mazur:  I agree.

Deams:  Song, after song, after song. So after a while, I think that people will get tired of that same formula but also like the ones with the real skills will stand up.

Matthias Mazur:  And stay.

Deams:   And will work it, bring that difference that it will need to sustain.