Matthias Mazur: Tell us about the project you’re working, the new Dutch Masters? Tell us about that.

Deams: It just released, I think two weeks ago, this is a project that I have been doing with [LL Cool 0:25] and I had a partner with Eddie [Dehay and Big Holms 0:00:26] who also helped out with the project and when it comes down to, is it’s a collection of five different Dutch artist rapping in age because over here, most artist they rap in dust.

Matthias Mazur: Okay.

Deams: That’s also one of the most media based attention too. So a lot of Dutch artists who rap in English, they don’t get that much stuff on what they do. So that’s why we decided to just bring them out, help them out with a little group video or mix tape and see where it takes us. They got to do the rest of course, but we just gave them the right kick start.

Matthias Mazur: That’s what I was going to say, so it’s really kind of like a package to kick start someone’s… okay.

Deams: Yeah, plus I’m working on a lot of stuff anyway so I’m not going to be able to help everyone from A to Z.

Matthias Mazur:  Yeah and how many artist? It’s like you said 5 or is it starting with 5 and then more?

Deams: Five, since the release I’ve been approached by 10 more but like I said, I’m not going to be able to help everyone now but I do give advice whenever someone needs it.

Matthias Mazur: Okay, cool. Great. I mean this was amazing. Now where can people find you?

Deams: On Facebook.

Matthias Mazur: Okay.

Deams: You just type in Deams and you will see Deams is my artist face and also Deems Tesfah so it will work through the page.

Matthias Mazur: Well we’ll do like under the video and like if you’re watching this on YouTube, we’ll put like a link and if it’s on my blog we’ll put a link too so people can find you.

Deams: Find me on Instagram, Deams_ and on Twitter, it’s just Deams.

Matthias Mazur: Yeah, we’ll put on all your social contacts. Any closing thoughts that you want to repeat or highlight or even throw it in again?

Deams: Yeah, to make sure that you as an artist or any creative maintain right with desire, your ambition and I mentioned it many times already, do some serious self-analysis. You need the self-awareness you need in order to sustain your career and it doesn’t matter what field it is because if you’re going to drift off from the path that you really want to take, it’s not going to end up fairly well for you.

Matthias Mazur: Yup.

Deams: You’re going to be disappointed and disappointment will turn into bitterness, frustration, you don’t want to live your life that way.

Matthias Mazur:  Yep, awesome man. I mean I know you, so I knew there would be a lot of that unconscious and introspective that you would be sharing but I think it’s interesting that for you, what I get out of this is really look within to be better outside which I think makes sense for everything you do pretty much. So okay, awesome, thanks a lot for this.

Deams:  Thanks Matt for having me on the show.

Matthias Mazur: Yep. So you can find Deams in the description on YouTube and just under the video if you’re watching this on the blog and feel free to reach out to Deams directly. If you have any questions for your career for hip-hop or a rapper, any advice you need. Thanks Deams, thanks a lot. Thanks for everything, it was a great show and we’ll talk soon.

Deams: All right, thanks, take care. Bye.