Deams: Yeah, we’ve already done a different process because I’m not really a fan of writing songs in the studio.

Matthias Mazur: Okay, so you would prefer going into the studio with what you’ve done before and then just basically getting everything out?

Deams: Yeah, because it works for every artist it’s different but in my opinion, if the song is already a system, in your memory, it comes out more natural there instead of reading it from a paper while you’re recording it.

Matthias Mazur:  Yep.

Deams: All right see, you’re going to be focusing on two things. You’re going to be focusing on what you’re reading and then you’ve got to be focused on the rhythm so that’s already two things that you mind. You need to focus on that. I’d rather focus on just one thing. So if the song is already in your memory, you can just focus on the rhythm and that’s the most important thing.