Matthias Mazur:  You mentioned the rap battles and that really gave you exposure and really helps you polish the skills and create the goods and the skill set that you have. What do you feel and how do you make the transition from being a local artist in the Netherlands to then touring and really being on sharing stages with the huge artist like LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Ice T, KRS One who are legends in the game, what made the switch basically? Because a lot of young artist are maybe touring locally but they want to get more exposure. So what was for you that transitioned into local stage and then international stage?

Deams: Networking.

Matthias Mazur: Okay.

Deams: That was basically networking and a little bit of luck of course. I forgot the name of the organization but there was an organization in the Netherlands, they use send out Dutch artist to perform at the New Music Seminar, it’s a music seminar that took place in New York. I think it was started by Tom Silverman, he was the owner of Tommy Boy. I don’t know if he’s still is but he used to be the owner of Tommy Boy. That also gave me a chance to network in this while I was in New York because I also have to do my showcase, that’s where I met Gang Starr.

Matthias Mazur: Yep, I love Gang Starr by the way. I love the beat. It’s very different to what a lot of artist were doing at the time and even now, I think it’s really fresh. It’s still very fresh.

Deams: Oh yes, it still is. They definitely got their own unique style. So on the opportunities like that gave me a chance to even build my network because it’s all about networking. It’s really all about networking.