Deams: That’s the way a lot of the business works just like on You Tube. A lot of people base the quality of the music on the views that the song has and the comments instead of paying attention to music. Music is almost turning into a soundtrack while people are reading comments.

Matthias Mazur: Absolutely. Absolutely and I think we’ve been trained and I mean I’m also guilty of it, you know?

Deams: Everyone is.

Matthias Mazur: And we’re aware of it but I still like when any piece of video, you really check the comments to see it. First of all, I check the ratings to see if it’s more of a positive, is it more of a liked video or not and then look at the comments to see if it’s legit and then I consume the content which is you’re already biased in your mind and I’m aware of it but you’re already biased.