Matthias Mazur:  Who is the first artist that you listen to or saw that gave you the idea or the ambition of “I want to do this, I want to make music?”

Deams: I was always interested in music. I was listening to different types of music from groups like Spandau Ballet, Soft Cell to Motorhead just to name a few so I was all around when it came to my music taste but LL Cool J, I think he was the first one that really influenced me to become an artist.

Matthias Mazur: Okay, why LL Cool J? What prompted you?

Deams: Well, let me put it like this: I got interested into hip-hop through Wild Style.

Matthias Mazur: Okay.

Deams: Wild Style was like a classic hip-hop [inaudible 0:01:06] and like a soundtrack but when LL came out, he took it into the next level. He was a real artist. He could just match up with other pop artist in different genres they’re in. He really showed me the image of how artists are supposed to be. He was one of the first.

Matthias Mazur: Okay so you’re really kind of painting the picture of what’s possible.

Deams: Yes, especially with hip-hop because it was still new.

Matthias Mazur: Yeah and what were those years when it really got you thinking of “I want to do this”?

Deams:  The 80’s.

Matthias Mazur: 80’s okay, so late 80’s?

Deams: All of them.

Matthias Mazur: All of the 80’s okay, cool. I was born in ’86. I literary skipped that, I was still a baby at that so…

Deams: You don’t know maybe 70’s I’ve gone to, it would be fine.

Matthias Mazur: It still in it, cool. Okay.