Matthias Mazur: Let’s talk about the evolution that you’ve seen in the past 20-25 years of music and how have things changed in the business and how easier or tougher it is, how is it today to get your message out versus 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago and what should people focus on now?

Deams:  The internet, that’s what makes the biggest difference in a good and a bad way of course. You know to start up with the bad way, they killed the CD’s and a lot of record stores but again, the good way is now you can have like 20,000 songs on a little device.

Matthias Mazur:Like a phone, yeah.

Deams: And another good thing about it that compared to like say the 80’s, 90’s nowadays, artists don’t have to depend on a record label in order to release their material. They can do it themselves and then to flip to the bad way of that again, is that nowadays, you’ve got more rappers than fans. You know, everyone is talking about hip-hop or let’s talk in general, even with all music nowadays it seems like more artists than fans. Everyone is an artist now because nowadays, you don’t need to go through expensive studio no more. They just go to some software and a mic setup, we can do this shit at home.

Matthias Mazur: The barrier of entry is non-existent now. There’s no cost of entry into that space.

Deams:  Yes, a lot of stuff is easy. We can go to a song right now, cue the video on an iPhone, upload a track on Tune Bar or CD Baby like digital distributions companies. Your track will be on iTunes within 24 hours. Just release the video on You Tube and you got a release. It doesn’t mean that you will attract a lot, you know?

Matthias Mazur:  Attention.

Deams: Plus you know the other artists are doing exactly the same. That’s more of the bad side, it’s good and bad mix. It’s all mixed.