Alex, a follower of our show, Coach’s Corner, asks by e-mail: “What is the best way to position myself as an authority in my market even if I’m starting out?”

Here is my answer to Alex:

It’s a vicious cycle when you start out because you don’t have a lot of credibility, unless, you have a rich past and a lot of experience. If you’re just starting out, how do you establish credibility? I’m going to give you a few tools that I would really recommend if I was starting from scratch and what I would do if I were you.

The first thing is you need to publish something. You need to be a publisher and you need to get your content out. The simplest way you can become a publisher is by creating a live show once a week or once a day if you want to do daily. You need to become a content provider. What I’m doing right now is creating content and giving value for free. In a way, you need to become a focal point. You need to establish your authority by providing free content. I really believe that if you have value to provide, you need to give your best stuff away and that’s my philosophy. I know that other people disagree but I’m here giving you the truth of what works and what’s worked in my businesses. The easiest way to create a live show is by using tools like Periscope or Meerkat.

The number one way to establish authority in the market is by publishing a book. Being an author gives you instant authority because it’s engrained in our minds that when someone has a book out or if you’re reading a book, we automatically give that person credibility and authority. For me, content is the number one general strategy and the number one tool would be to publish a book simply because when you have a book out and someone can find a book in your website or on Amazon, it changes the dynamic because you are the guy that wrote the book about the topic. It doesn’t need to be a huge book but you need to have something published.

I’ll give you a trick if you don’t like writing a book. I enjoy writing articles every now and then, I just don’t like the consistency of writing, so what I do is we create these shows or record podcast and then we get it transcribed. When I have the content, I just rework it. I have an editor who formats and proofreads everything and that becomes the book. I’m doing my third book now and every time, that’s what we’ve done. Generally, writing a book right now takes me about a week because I have all the content done through transcriptions.

In conclusion, the number one way to position yourself as an authority is by having a book because once you have a book, then you are the authority.