Jillian, a follower of our weekly show, Coach’s Corner, asks: “What do you think about Periscope and what is the best way to use Periscope in my business?”

Here’s my answer to Jillian:

Periscope is amazing. I was actually writing a chapter for my next book two days ago and I was talking about services like Periscope and Meerkat. I think Meerkat came out before Periscope but it’s the same kind of service. It allows you to broadcast for free. I actually bought an iPhone 6 for these new platforms and it’s amazing.

Periscope is still in its infancy. Twitter acquired Periscope for 100 million dollars. The big benefit is that it ties it into your Twitter followers so you can really broadcast very quickly and people get notifications. That’s why you’re here because you got notified that I’m live.

To your question about what is the best way to use Periscope in my business is just to use Periscope. It’s a very simplistic answer but again, it comes back to pushing and creating content. There are several ways you can use Periscope. In my book, I was writing about the best ways to use Periscope and one way of using it is behind the scenes footages.

The big key for celebrities or if you have a brand, an office or anything tangible, the best thing to broadcast is the behind the scenes footages. For example, walking in your office and broadcasting live. Audiences want to see behind the scenes and Periscope gives a glimpse into someone’s life.

Another thing is giving out free tips. For example: do a Periscope for 5 or 10 minutes about “three ways to lose weight”, or even short episodes. You can also do Q&A about the topic that you know of or just giving out tips.

Periscope is like a backstage pass. Use Periscope just to share what you’re doing. It’s really to give people a sense of authenticity in what you do. There are very few brands that use it well, which is great for you. If you’re not using Periscope, you have to start playing with it today.

Think of Periscope as a way to create authenticity. I actually recorded a podcast called, “Those guys piss me off” and I was talking about how there’s so many of these social platforms and networks just to create credibility and authenticity. Few brands are actually using the power of Periscope, the power of amateur TMZ-like footages. The truth is the audience loves to see behind the scenes, they love to see the backstage and Periscope is a godsend for that.

For me, that is the best way to use Periscope. Think of it as a backstage pass to create authenticity with your market, give them tips, Q&A’s or even if you’re just walking down the street or doing fun stuff, you need to broadcast it. It’s free content, free credibility and I think it’s foolish not to use it.