Adrian, a follower of our weekly show, Coach’s Corner, asks: “I’m a full time teacher and I want to grow my consulting business on the side, what would you recommend as time management and biggest tasks I need to focus on?”

Here’s my answer to Adrian:

My dad was a teacher and in my experience, I would say that your work as a teacher will probably be around 40 to 60 hours a week, so you have time at the end of the day and on the weekends to do certain things.

I was doing a Periscope last night talking about time. Even if you have a full time job, you can allocate two to three hours a day to building a business on the side. If you want to grow a consulting business, my advice would be is to focus on the right things. Focusing your time on the right things like 95-5 because 5% of what we do on a daily basis generates the money and the revenue.

If you want to transition from teaching to consulting, you’ll have to generate cash flow, that’s inevitable. I would focus most of my time on getting clients.

In getting clients, you need to have a good web presence. There are a lot of coaches and consultants that have no presence online. You need to have a good presence online because people go online to find solutions. People will go to see your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see if you’re a real person. You need to develop a solid web presence and that’s very easy to do.

Allocating 1 hour a day to creating your web presence is more than enough. I would also allocate about 30 minutes a day to creating content. Then allocate 30 minutes a day on content creation, which is more than enough to make a few videos or write a few articles.

What I would do is to allocate at least 1h30 on sales. You have to prospect, you need to call people and get in front of decision makers. Whatever type of consulting business you do, you need to be in front of people to get the word out.