Marissa, a follower of our weekly show, Coach’s Corner, asks: “When doing face to face sales presentation with a perspective client, what is the number one way to convert someone into a client?”

Here’s my answer to Marissa:

The number one thing I would say is: forget about doing sales presentations. I don’t know exactly what you’re doing or whether you’re a coach or a consultant, but you don’t want to be pitching. You want to be selecting. You want to have an application process, so people can apply to work with you.

Create a strategy session

Instead of using the words “sales presentation”, I actually encourage you to think of how you can have a consultation or strategy session with someone and see if there was a fit base on what you provide and what issues they have.

For me, the number one way to convert a prospect into a client is to show them the difference between their current situation and their desired income. If you’re doing sales presentations, you need to stop pitching and you need to start diagnosing.

You need to become the doctor and you need to diagnose the situation. You need to ask the client where they are right now, where they want to be and help them bridge the gap, because you are the bridge between those two points.

If you can show them that you can actually shine a light on the issue, shine a light on how much of a difference it will make between where they are right now and where they want to go. Your pricing structure will never be an issue, because they will understand how much work and how much of a difference there is between situation A and situation B.