You have to create an irresistible offer. This is huge for anyone who is in sales. You’ve probably seen the movie “The Godfather” and what’s fascinating with that film is that there’s one line that everyone knows about.

It’s the line where Marlon Brando says, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse”. It’s the beginning of the movie and everyone remembers that line because it’s a very strong statement.

Think strategically

When you’re in marketing and sales, your goal is to have the highest conversion rate.

What I recommend is looking around. Have a look at your market, what they do, what they sell and what they give away and try to create the most insane offer as possible.

Give away as much as you can in a strategic way.

If I was just recording hundreds of hours of video and just posting it on YouTube without editing, without having the right titles and the right tags, no one will really find it, because it’s not posted in a strategic way.

You have to think of a strategic thing that you can put out. Think of what’s the one piece that I can give away that hooks people and gets people to say, “This is different, this is more irresistible.”

I’ll give you an example. We give away my actual sales script. We generated millions of dollars a year in phone sales, instead of keeping that script like a lot of other consultants, coaches and trainers do.

Most of them only sell the script for a lot of money but I give it away for free.

The reason is, if someone uses that script, that script has been tested and it’s generated multiple figures a year. If someone uses that script, my credibility and the credibility of my agency is undisputable.

No one can rock and shake the credibility once they’ve seen the script, analyze how powerful it is and actually made sales for themselves.

That is an irresistible offer and once they see the power of that, everything that we communicate and we give away has much more value and is perceived much better, because we actually delivered something that is irresistible.

Create an irresistible offer

Come up with something that others are not doing. Try to give something away for free that other people are selling. Try to position things differently so you’re the only one who’s doing it.

If you create a big package of everything you do, it’s much more irresistible than someone just selling personal trainer sessions.

Think of an irresistible offer. Think of what you can give away for free and what can you package that other people don’t have the courage to give away and by doing that, you actually dominate your space.

As soon as you can have a more compelling offer than your competition, you own the space.

Think about that: look at the market, see what’s out there and then think of how you can come up with something more irresistible and just sexier so people really see you’re different from everyone else.