If you want to command high fees & premium position in the market place, you need to establish your authority.

When people come in contact with your brand, they need to be able to quickly understand and grasp that you are different than millions of other providers in the market place.

Establishing authority is huge and you need to be on the forefront of the industry. There are several things you need to do and there are several things I recommend you do to establish authority.

Create publications

Number 1 is publishing a book. We’ve been trained since we started school to believe that when we read a book, even if the book is actually garbage, that the writer has credibility and authority just because that’s how we’re wired.

I urge you to put together publications. It can be a book, it can even be a short hundred page book or it can be a really good book. You have to be the author or the creator of something, because that immediately establishes your authority.

Publish on social media

Right after having a book, I would recommend you publishing a lot online. Take me for example, we have 4 weekly shows and every single week, we do 4 shows on my blog.

This takes me hours off my time, cost me money and cost my team. It takes time and money for my team to edit all this, polish everything and publish it.

Why do we do all this? It’s very simple, judt to establish the brand in the marketplace and be recognized as the undisputed authority in the market place.

I could be doing something else instead of doing all these shows, but this is a long term play.

I would host a show at least one show a week. You don’t need to do 4 shows a week like we do, but do at least 1 show a week where you do Q&A’s.

Just present stuff or talk about what’s going on in the industry, but it’s really important that your target market can actually see stuff that you publish, because becoming a publisher gives you authority.

Give away content for free

Think of what you can create and give it away for free. I’ll give you an example: we do 4 shows a week.

We do a lot of training every week and if you come to my blog or if you follow me on social media, you’ll see that there’s literally hundreds of hours of content online.

The reason why we do that is because I can give literally everything away for free. I can give you all the lead generation systems and conversion mechanisms that we have.

I give away the exact phone scripts that we use to convert prospects into clients and I can give everything away for free, because I don’t have any training to sell. We don’t sell training.

My belief is the more you can give away for free, the higher you can sell on the back end.

We actually sell services. We don’t sell products and training, but we really sell long term services.

For us, I don’t need to hold anything back. All the training, experience and technology that we have, I can give everything for free.

I can just give it away, because on the back end, we’re an agency that does everything and that’s how we make money.

Think of what can you give away for free (and I’m not talking about a lame eBook that talks about “3 tips to lose weight”).

People don’t even respond to that today. What you need to think about is how you can give away your best things.

Think about artist, they give away their best songs for free on Spotify, because they want to create an audience and they know that the money is in the events.

They know that the money is in the actual entertainment and the experience. The giveaway: the music to sell tickets.

Think about that, think about how and what you can give away for free. Maybe it’s just giving away the best chapter of your book or giving away the number one thing that people can use to get results quickly.

That’s my strategy. That’s why I can just pour out all these content every week: because I don’t need to hold anything back and because I believe that giving away stuff for free attracts the right people.

Having a scarce mindset doesn’t work for me. It makes me much happier to give everything away for free and to sell the services on the back end. At least you can start with one book, white papers, free reports, videos, Q&A sessions, Periscope sessions and quotes to establish your authority in the market place.