Give prospects or clients a very quick high. This statement comes from the stock broker’s world and I’m going to talk about a very brilliant sales strategy that really makes a world of a difference when you apply it.

Give clients a quick high

Number 1 is: if you’ve watched “The Wolf of Wall Street”, there’s a scene when John Belfort talks about giving clients a quick high or a quick return on investments and that’s a very common thing that a lot of the stock brokers do.

They generally advise clients to take a stock that has a very high return or what makes people comfortable (and I’m not talking about the ethics). I don’t even want to get into the ethics, because if you’re a smart person, you know that’s what stock brokers do or did during those times and they were very unethical.

I’m talking about the actual sales strategy, because the strategy is very valid if you use it for good.

Giving people a quick high means you want to give prospects, customers or clients a very quick victory.

Stock brokers would actually recommend stocks that were going high, that were really on the rise at the very beginning of the relationship, so that clients would be wowed.

Give results as soon as possible

When you make a purchase, the number one thing that people have is, “Is this going to work? Is this for real? Did I lose my money?”

There’s always a question of “did I make the right choice?” If you can actually show and deliver a quick victory, even a small victory but a quick win, that is a huge difference to your clients, because they’ll start believing in it.

Most of the time, whenever you sell a product, there’s always buyer’s remorse.

If you’re in sales, you know that a lot of people cancel after 10 minutes or a few days after buying, because they get caught up into the whole “Did I make the right decision?” “Is that money well spent? Am I going to lose that money, maybe I should have bought something else?”

There are all these questions that I go over with prospects and that’s why it’s very important to give someone results as soon as possible.

I’ll give you the example of what we do. We have the sales script that I personally wrote and perfected in the last 8 years.

We started selling on the front of my company in 2008. I could be selling that sales script for $5,000 or $10,000 and I know other consultants or people in the market place selling phone scripts.

I just give it away for free and the reason why I am doing this is that I don’t want to sell training. I don’t want to sell $1,000 or $2,000 programs.

We are a full service and a done for you agency, we actually do everything for clients who want everything to be done for them. I can really dominate that space, give away incredible amounts of contents and give away what other people sell, which actually pisses them off and makes me happy.

If a consultant uses that exact script, I know they will make sales. I know they might make sales that very day or will take them maybe 3, 4, 5 conversations to close a high end deal by following the words on the script. For me, that’s a huge win.

It’s a huge win for the clients, even if he hasn’t paid us any money yet. It’s a huge leverage, because I know that that person will be grateful, will share what we have and might become a client of the agency.

I’m very happy giving everything away, because I want people to have quick wins. A course like “8 steps to 7 figures” could be sold for $50 or $100 product, but I’m giving it away for free and every week, I’m giving away stuff for free because I want to give people a quick hit and a quick win.

Think of what stock brokers did in the case of Madoff or Belfort, for example. I use those examples because those are the examples that people remember the most, because strangely enough, people recognize the bad news more than the good news.

I have a podcast about Madoff’s sales strategy and by giving people a quick return, it actually helps them. It actually helps you establish authority and credibility.

Then, you basically have undisputed and undisputable authority and credibility, because you’ve already given them results.

I recommend a book called “Free” by Chris Anderson. It’s an amazing book that talks about the power of giving away stuff for free and how

Prince was one of the first artists to actually give his music away for free. This was in the 90’s when everyone was still selling music. He gave it away for free in the UK on a Sunday.

He made a deal with the newspapers, gave away millions of copies and on the back end, he sold $23.4 million worth of tickets to his concerts.

Think of what can you give people as a quick high, a quick win to establish your authority to show them that you are the real deal and give away what others are selling, because that attracts good people to you. Again, it’s all about having top of mind awareness.

You have to build such leverage in the market place, so that people can’t compete with you.

Think of what you can give to your prospects and customers that can help them immediately.

Implement things, like for us it’s a sales script. It can be a 7 day food schedule, no nutrition plan or a 7 day nutrition plan that really helps them get immediate results, because once you help people get immediate results, they just come back for more, because they see that your material works.