Lead generation is inevitable. If you don’t have any lead gens or if you have a business but you have no leads, you have no business. If you have a restaurant, but no one’s eating in it, you don’t make any money.

Lead gen is generally something that a lot of coaches and consultants don’t like talking about, because the cycle that most service providers are in is “feast or famine” for years.

They don’t have sustainable lead gen systems in place or they only depend on one lead gen source.

Have 3 lead sources

A few years ago (probably around 2009-2010), a lot of my friends and colleagues were advertising on Google through Google AdWords. Google changed their advertising strategy.

They closed tons or thousands of accounts in a matter of a few weeks. Not only did people lose their advertising capabilities, but they could not advertise anymore in Google.

They were banned for life and a lot of companies had to close and shut their doors, because that was the only source of traffic they had. That was the only way for them to generate leads.

You have to think of how you can build a rock solid business. Think of a table: if you have a table with just one foot, what’s going to happen when it gains weight?

Facebook is great, because we use it, our clients use it and we run a lot of Facebook campaigns for them, but let’s say you’re only dependent on Facebook for advertising and Facebook shuts you down.

What happens if they change their advertising guidelines and you’re just out? You just lost your entire lead generation strategy and lead generation source.

I always recommend at least having 3 lead sources. Have 3 ways to generate leads, one can be Facebook, another one could be a native advertising like We’re Out Brained or other more native platforms that integrate with certain websites that are very specific to your target market.

You have to analyze where people spend time, which websites they visit and then see if you can buy ads on those websites, other lead sources and referrals.

You need to have a system in place and you always want to get new leads. If you’re dependent on only one lead source at the moment (which most coaches and consultants are) you’re just at the mercy of that one source.

The worst number in any business is ONE. If you have one client, one lead source, one employee, one conversion mechanism or one lead gen process, what happens when you lose it? What happens when your key employee quits?

What happens when Google shuts you down? What happens when Facebook shuts you down? What happens when your clients doesn’t renew his contract?

If you’re dependent on only one thing, there is no chance you can build a long term business.