You need to be a publisher of something. You need to become your own media company, because the truth is, you create authority by publishing. You can be the biggest expert in neuroscience, but if you haven’t published anything, no one knows you.

People who publish the most have the highest perceived authority in the market place. All these social media platforms are free. You can type up an article and post it on your blog, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Medium and Facebook.

You have five platforms to publish your content or your text. When you have pictures, you can post them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Vine.

You can also create a Vine video with your pictures. It’s free and the more stuff you have out online, the more people perceive you as an authority.

You need to become a publisher of something. If you love flowers, talk about flowers, if you love technology, talk about technology and do reviews on it. If you love coffee, review coffee beans.

You need to publish something and find out what you love doing. If you love sports, talk about your favorite team and build an audience around it, because you need to be a publisher of something to get massive credibility in the field that you’re in.