If you don’t use video, you should start doing it now. I love the ghetto videos and TMZ style videos. I love the videos where you just take your camera out while you’re walking around and just shooting everything. People think that you need to be perfect and polished.

They think that you have to publish videos and pictures that are perfect, but that’s completely wrong.

If you look at what’s been happening in the trend with all these new platforms like TMZ and Buzz Feed, all these new media channels don’t have the best content. First of all, their footages are very amateurish and people have learned to appreciate them, because people want to see authenticity.

If you look at the videos that were shot in the 90’s with musical instruments, you definitely know that it’s not real life. Real life is ugly and horrible to look at, but real life is raw.

You have to use videos for branding, but use it in a way that pulls people into your lifestyle and into your everyday life. People don’t want to see perfection online, they want to see realness. People want to see raw content, they want to see the truth and they want to see authenticity.

If you have a business, shoot videos with your employees in the office. Take your phone and walk around the office, shooting as you go. If you’re shipping out products to customers, shoot videos when you’re packing everything up and say “hey Judith, I’m sending this out” as a caption to the video clip that you’re shooting.

You want to create raw content and people love that. The dynamic and interactions will be much higher for you with videos that are less professional.

There are so many small apps on the iPhone that you can just shoot, edit a bit quickly, add a cool track and post it. You don’t need to produce videos for weeks like they do 10 years ago.

I highly recommend that you use videos for branding. Use it to post testimonials or to show the inside and back stage of your office. If you’re an artist, take them when you’re walking to an audition or when you’re preparing to get on stage. People want to see authenticity.