You have to understand that YOU are the product. The reason why I say this is because products and things come and go.

One thing that’s consistent and constant is YOU. For example, “” is your branding site. If your name is John Taylor, “John Taylor” would be the brand name to use because he is owner and the founder of the health site.

You need to understand that you have to brand YOU because you’ll never know what can happen to the product.

You never know what can happen to the website or to the glass of water that you are selling. The time you’re spending on branding something else can be spent on branding you and it will have a better impact on what you do in the future.

If you started branding yourself online since 2005 and you’ve done it for 10 years of consistent online branding, you would have millions of followers. Look at the guys who started very early on YouTube. They all have millions of subscribers, make a lot of money and have a very strong brand.

If you’re a student, an artist, a creative, a business owner, an entrepreneur, whatever you’re doing, you need to understand that YOU are the brand. You need to have a massive leverage in negotiations and considerable amount of power in any business decision you are involved in.

I was talking with a client today about the importance of branding you. When you brand YOU, you could sit down and talk with almost anyone on earth. Journalists or presidents of certain countries would sit down with you because you have the influence and you have to use it well.

If you’re unknown, even if you’re the biggest rock star and people love you, if people can’t find you online, you amount to nothing.

The new currency on Internet is the influence you have on social media. Even though you can’t go and deposit likes, followers and fans in the bank, it gives you leverage when you’re dealing and negotiating in business ventures or getting a new job.

If you’re a service provider and you actually have all that content out there for free and you have a lot of stuff online, people could find you easily. If you have good reviews and testimonials, you stand out. You have to recognize that YOU are the product.

As much as people want to brand the product that they’re selling, the reality is: products will come and go. But if you start branding YOU today, you will have a huge advantage.

Put the focus on branding YOU, create content, interact, network and put as much stuff out, because it will build the influence that you have online.