You need to publish the results that your clients are getting. Ask your clients if you can publish their results, because you want to leverage that.

I actually believe there are only 3 reasons why people don’t do business with you. #1 is they don’t believe you and they don’t believe the statements. #2 is they believe you, but they don’t think that it’s possible for them. #3 is they don’t have the money and they’re not resourceful enough.

I actually believe that anyone can find money if it’s necessary. People are talking about the economy being bad, but everyone walks around with an iPhone, right? People spend money for things that they consider important. It’s a choice and it’s the same thing with the way we vote with our wallets.

The only reason why people come to you is for results. When you reach out to doctors, you don’t want to become best friends with the doctor, because you want to get rid of a problem. When you’re a service provider, people come to you, because they want to get rid of a problem. Even if they don’t say it, you need to know your market well enough to know that they’re here, because they have a problem that needs to be solved.

Use client results and testimonials. Use video testimonials, text testimonials or endorsements to really showcase what kinds of results you have. If you’ve been in business for some time now, there are people who want to do business with you and thought of doing business with you because they’ll have that thought of, he or “she really gets me the results that I want”. You need to publish that statement because that’s credibility.