Social media helps you and pushes you to raise your game. If you have goals in your life, you should probably know that they have a lot of power if they are public. It usually goes along the lines of “I want to lose 20 pounds and I’m going to post it on Facebook”.

Once it’s out there, you can’t hide anymore. You can’t lie to yourself, because you’ll have to face that and when you’ll be talking or meeting up with friends. They’ll remind you of your public commitment.

Social media will help you raise your game. It has done it for me and it also helped a lot of my entrepreneur friends.

Use social media even if you’re just publishing your workouts. If you check on my Instagram or my Facebook page, I post a lot of my workouts. When I go skating, rollerblading or just working out, when I’m travelling or when I go to speak at events, when I have very long days, I post that, because it really pushes me to maintain that rhythm.

I’ve seen huge transformations in people who really made commitments on social media, because it forces them to actually follow through. If you have trouble setting goals, use it.

It’s actually a good way to trick yourself into committing, because once it’s out there in the public, you can’t really hide anymore. At the end of the day, it’s always a commitment that you have with yourself.