As you might know, I run an agency. We do a lot of social media, direct sales and marketing for our clients.

I spend a lot of time talking and explaining to clients that winning in social media is not going to happen overnight, unless you’re running a very specific campaign like a Christmas one, that takes 7 or 14 days to boost numbers during that short period of time.

But if you really want to dominate social media, you need to think long term. You need to think of it for at least 12 months of branding, regular consistent publishing, content creation which is minimum time frame. If you are a brand, people need to get used to seeing you online.

If you’ve never done anything consistent on social media, your public or audience isn’t used to seeing you. They need to get used to it to understand how you play.

If you want to target a larger demographic, it will take time and Facebook has tremendous advertising capabilities. If you want to play social media and really push your brand, you need to have a budget to put on Facebook.

You will get more exposure by advertising, but you need to be willing to spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars a month to push the brand. If you have the budget, you can really push it even more, but understand that nothing is going to happen if you just post a few pictures here and there.

We have a lot of people coming to us saying, “Oh yeah, I have Facebook, I have Twitter, I have Instagram” but when we look at their account, we can only see a few posts.

There’s no point in posting once a week or just posting randomly. If you really want to brand yourself, you need to understand that it’s a commitment.

It’s a commitment to social media and to your brand. It’s also a commitment to long term and consistency.

If you start today and finally put something together, you will have more exposure and people will start following you.

If you really want to have an impact in the market place and build an audience, you need to understand that it will take 6, 12 or 18 months to really get attraction. If you want to do it yourself, do it, but really plan the whole thing.

Once a week, post a live video or do a live show and really schedule it. You can also post a white paper or post a long article on your blog. You can also post X amount of videos, X amount of pictures, X amount of shorter videos on Vine or Instagram.

Always remember that everything needs to be planned. You have to recognize that it is a long term game and like any long term game, you need to have a strategy.

You can’t wing it and you can’t just post a few things and hope that something will work. If you’re looking at social media and saying, “I’ll just test it out for a few weeks”, don’t do it.

You’re better off doing something else, because it’s not going to serve and help you.

Go play with social media. Dominate or don’t do it at all. If you don’t do it, your competition will.

For example, if you’re an employee and your company fails or crashes, you have to look for a new job and I can honestly say that employees who have more social media presence will have more job opportunities than the ones that don’t have any social media presence at all.

You need to be consistent and you need to come up with a plan. Come up with a schedule exactly in the same way that you create a marketing or sales schedule for new products.

You need to have a content schedule and a publishing schedule. Always keep in mind that you have to be consistent and constantly think long term to dominate the space that you’re in.