People buy YOU. I really believe that before buying any product, people buy YOU. People will research you.

I saw a statistic that says “56% of restaurant choices are impacted by reviews online”. Think about that: half the decisions of where you want to eat are not based on the food, pictures and locations.

They are based on reviews that other people have left online.

If you see bad reviews, you’re not going to go there and eat. If you see a restaurant or a place that has amazing social media presence, great pictures, good videos, history, ghetto videos, backstage stuff of showing employees, having very high quality and polished videos, you will be attracted to it.

People will always go to the one that has more stuff online. People will always check you out further more.

I’m going to predict this now, on the record. I think that within 5 to 10 years, brands that don’t have online presence will suffer. They will not only suffer with revenues going down, but will actually close.

Anywhere you go you have GPS. Personally, I have at least 10 apps on my phone just for social media and that’s how we interact today. Whether you like it or not, that’s where the world is going.

You have a decision to make on, “Do you want to play that game and dominate or you just want to sit back and suffer the consequences?” If you don’t do it, your competition will. Your competition will get the influence and get the deals.

When people are looking at investing, they’ll go to the ones that have the most influence online. People buy you if you have a very good and strong brand online. Besides, everything is free.

It’s literary free to work and to create a brand online that will impact your life so much more than if you do nothing.