Human beings buy from human beings.

About 3-4 years ago, I was teaching a seminar in Europe and I remember one of the attendees said, “I don’t use social media because I sell B2B” (business to business) and my reaction was, “Well, who orders from you even if you work B2B?”

The person who decides the order is a human being. Human beings connect the same way in B2B markets than on B2C markets. The truth is, even if you’re dealing with a company or a big corporation that has a board, you’re still dealing with individuals.

It’s really key to understand that whatever business you’re in (whether you’re a student, an artist, a business owner or an employee), human beings buy from human beings.

Companies or corporations are seen as big stone institutional glass buildings, but the reality is, people sign checks so people can buy from other people.

There’s this huge stat I saw about restaurants. People go to restaurants based on online reviews. If you’re not on social media and don’t understand it, you should know that people make major business decisions based on it.

What they see on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium or Tumblr is based on what you see and what you publish. You have to start understanding it because that’s how the game is played.

That’s strategy #1, human beings buy from human beings. They want to see that you are a human being, that you’re publishing and you have online presence.