You need to pay to be everywhere. You need to be willing to pay to advertise and you need to advertise to get your name out there. The #1 way today is to do this is with Facebook. You need to be on Facebook, you need to be paying and doing Facebook ads. You can pay $5/day, $50/day or $100/day, but you need to work out a budget that works for you. You need to narrow down your demographics and be specific because when you’re specific with Facebook ads, you can actually place your ads in front of that exact demographic.

On Facebook, you can target executives, you can target people who like Game of Thrones or you can target people who love music. There are so many ways to target people through Facebook advertising and you need to be willing to spend the money to get clients.

A lot of service providers think that their whole business is based on referrals. Referrals are great, but they’re not sustainable and if you’ve had a “feast or famine” business, you know that it’s not sustainable. You can have great months where people recommend you and luckily, you get clients, but if you don’t have any lead generation systems, online marketing systems, tools and advertising to get leads, how are you going to manage when referrals die?

That’s the reality of things so you need to advertise even if you’re still skeptical. Just try it and maybe try to start with $300/month. If you’re serious, go bigger but that’s what you need to do to be able to generate clients and leads.