You need to maximize your results and add new revenue streams to what you’re doing.

If you’re a consultant, there are so many different ways you can make more money by delivering more services and different types of services to your clients than just selling your package and your value based fees.

You really need to think of how you can maximize things on top of everything you’re doing. For example, if you’re selling packages or group packages, you need to understand that there are always clients in the marketplace who will be happy to pay higher fees.

Let’s take air travel as an example. People pay $100 to travel in coach, $500 in business class and $1,000, $2,000 or $3,000 in first class.

There’s a segment of the marketable that always pays more money. Think of how you can offer additional services, because if you do well with the clients, they will want more from you.

They will want more results from you and they will be happy to pay you more money if you deliver on your initial promise.

You need to think of what additional services you can offer.

Think outside the box. For example, you’re delivering in-house training. If you’re delivering in-house training to small businesses, think of how you can offer different types or different levels of training. It can be face to face training or it can be one package.

You can also create monthly packages like monthly training services.

Ask for referrals

You have to create different offers to maximize the opportunities you have on the back end in terms of lead generation.

When a client is happy, do not shy away from asking for referrals. Proactively ask for referrals in a nice way.

Let’s say you love the person taking care of your garden or you love your accountant or think of the last time you were really happy with someone who delivered a good service.

If that person asks you for referrals, you would be happy to recommend him because he did a good job.

Don’t be shy if you’ve delivered a really good job or service. Proactively ask for referrals and practically ask, “Hey, do you know anyone in your circle of influence who would be happy with my services too?

Do you know anyone who you can recommend?”

Use referrals to get new clients. The reason why is, people are much less sensitive to pricing, because that person would tell their friends, “Hey, I’ve been looking for months for a new gardener” or accountant or a new lawyer “I found this guy and he’s amazing, you should try him.”

That in itself is very irresistible, because people are always on the lookout for good services and good service providers. If you deliver a good service, you should go out and ask your clients politely to be recommended.

Here’s a quick tip for referrals: when you ask for them, ask your clients to make the phone call for you or send an email. You can type the email up for them and send them the template.

They can send it to 2, 3, 5 or 10 people they think can benefit from your services and then follow up. That way, you already have a warm entrance or a warm introduction.

Make the most out of what you already have. A lot of times our clients have a lot of assets, clients, customer lists, testimonials and they have happy clients, but they don’t make good use of them.

Have a look and brainstorm a bit after this show. Think of what you already have and think of how you can maximize. Maybe you can offer new packages and new offers to your current clients.

Maybe you can get referrals from your current clients and that in itself is an extra 6 figures.