The number one way to convert prospects into clients is conversion. Once you have leads coming in, you need to think about conversions. You need to have a way to convert prospects into clients.

A lot of coaches and consultants do not know how to convert prospects into clients. They give away free trials which you should never do.

Never give free trials

Don’t give away free trials, because this creates a weird dynamic. It creates a dynamic where the client is trying you out. I would rather give away stuff for free than having someone try me out.

I want to provide so much value to the market place that people have to be like, “I need to work with this guy. I need to work with this agency.”

I don’t want people to be, “Yeah, let’s try these guys” and I’m not interested in that. Your marketing has to reflect what you want. As a rule of thumb, do not give away free trials.

I don’t recommend it and I’ve never recommended it to clients. There are different things you can do to establish authority and to manufacture celebrity status in your market, that’s why I think it’s really stupid to give away free trials.

If your business model is based on free trials, if you make money by giving out free trials and you’re rebilling on the back end like a book or pills or whatever rebill offer you have, then fine, that’s your business model. But if you’re selling a service and you want to go high end or you want to make 7 figures, there’s no point in having free trials.

One thing I do recommend is: if you want to create the irresistible offer as part of your irresistible offer campaign, you give clients a campaign that they can deploy or a campaign that you can deploy for them.

You can say, “Hey, we’ll do this the first time, but then this is what we charge.” You can freeze it in a way that gives you power. Don’t give away your power and say, “Just try us out and see how it is”.

That’s my point of view. I am not interested in working with clients who try us out and I’d rather not work with those people.

Attract people who are set, who are serious and who pay you money. When a client makes the switch between not offering trials to really creating more authority, credibility and raising prices, that’s when they make the big jumps between 6 and 7 figures.

Have one-on-one conversations

The number one way to convert prospects into customers is by having one-on-one conversations with them. It can be face to face or if you’re doing local work, it can be on the phone. For me, the phone is the best way of doing that.

That is the number one way to convert prospects into customers. If you can go face to face, do face to face. If not, do phone sales.

Even if you do face to face, I would highly recommend using a script and obviously, you’re not going to have a script in front of you and just read the script in front of the clients, but you need to know the script and the general outline when you’re face to face.

You need to have a system. You need to have something sustainable and saleable in terms of how to convert prospects into customers.

Go to my website, I actually gave away the full sales script that we use to convert, to make millions of dollars a year in sales and to sell pretty much anything.

You’ll have the exact script, just fill in the blanks for your stuff, for your industry and use it.

Then, reach out to us and tell us your results.