If you’re following the news, it’s difficult not to know what’s going on with the elections in the US, especially with this guy called Donald Trump. I saw Donald Trump speak in London.

I think it was 2 or 3 years ago and he had a key note speech for about 45 minutes.

I read a bunch of his books years ago. “The Art of the Deal” was one and another book with Robert Cusack called “How To Get Rich”.

He also has a book called “Think Big”. In my opinion, he is a great entrepreneur and I’m not talking about the politics, because I have no interest in debating politics.

In today’s economy with everything going on, I just look at the entrepreneur. If there’s one person who’s done an amazing job branding himself, it’s Donald Trump.

This guy is the master of branding. You might hate him for all his comments. I don’t agree with them.

I personally think a lot of stuff is completely whacked, but there’s no denying that this guy knows how to get exposure through TV, social media and through his shows called “The Apprentice”.

This is a really good book, because it’s really interesting to see and just get into his brain and understand how he views his brand. He has made all his money by licensing his name.

He really cultivated that brand of money, gold and riches. I thought this was really timely to show you this book, because it’s a really good one about branding “Trump Style”.

I’m sure a lot of people agree and some may don’t agree but that’s not my point. In terms of branding, this guy knows what he’s doing.