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You need to become an authority, you need to publish content and you need to write a book. You need to write a book, because authors have instant credibility. You want to publish and you should publish on LinkedIn, Medium, on your blog and Twitter. Twitter is actually “publishing” because there are 140 characters in it. You also need to have a hub and have a publishing platform that you can control.

You want to use all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn and your blog. You need to become the #1 person of your market, that’s why being Mr. Generic is not going to work. If you are Mr. Generic right now, pick your battles and get a publishing calendar. Commit to 1 year of publishing one full blog article, a nice picture, a quote every week or do a webinar twice a month.

Just pick what works for you, but create a calendar, because if you just say, “I’m just going to make a video today”, you’ll do it once, twice and you’ll never do it again. You need to have a publishing calendar and really committing to publishing regularly. If it’s once a week, do it once a week. We do it a lot and as you could see, we have content all over the place but for us it works because for us, it’s a system. You just need to find what works for you and then do it consistently.

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