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You need to narrow it down and get specific. I always make fun of the title “life coach” because the title is very broad and it’s like saying, “Yeah, I’m a human being.” The title is too generic. If you want to do coaching, that’s great because I’ve been coached by tennis coaches since I was 3 years old but you want to narrow it down.

For example, you want to be the coach to busy executives or you only want to consult for businesses that only do between 1 to 5 million a year or you’re a personal trainer and you only train golfers. You really want to pick your battles and you’ll be sacrificing segments of the market but when you get narrow, that’s when you can raise your fees and become an authority. That’s when you can pick and choose your clients.

If you’re Mr. Generic, how are you going to establish your authority if you don’t have any specific area of expertise? Even if you have several areas of expertise, you really want to choose which one you want to go first. You can have several areas but you really want to brand it differently. You don’t want to be the general coach, you want to be the executive coach for CEO’s or CMO’s only. You need to pick your battles. You need to narrow it down and get specific and you need to know who your target market is.

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