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You need to have a marketing based website. You need to have a website that is geared towards direct response and everybody needs to have a direct response website. When people go to your site, they need to be able to reach out to you. They need to be able to call you, contact you, fill out a form, buy a product, buy a book and be able to elicit a response. Your website also needs to have proof elements like quotes and endorsements from other people, books if you’ve written a book or if you’ve written an article. If you’re published or if you have a column in a newspaper, everything you can have as a credibility boost needs to be on your blog.

There are still some life coaches, business coaches, personal trainers or executive coaches who only have a one page site with their picture and a small caption of “contact me@”. That doesn’t help anyone because when someone comes to your property online, they need to be marketed. When you get on the phone with them or when they see you at an event, they already need to be sold on what you do and the only way you can do that is to have a heavy lifting marketing on your website. Your website needs to be marketing based, you need to have proof elements and you need to have videos.

You need to have video and have videos of you speaking on stage or when you’re speaking in small events in your area. If your name and your brand have appeared on different big websites like the Wall Street Journal, The Times or Fortune, you want to have all those logos on your websites so when someone hits your website, they would be wowed at the first impression and they’ll conceive that you’re the real deal. By publishing those, it will get you more clients.

Use your website because your website is a conversion mechanism. If it’s not, you might need help because everything you publish online needs to establish you as the authority.

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