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You need to have a video and you need to use that. Video is so cheap nowadays. When I started doing them in 2007, I had to buy this pretty big camera because phones weren’t able to make videos back then and I paid at least $1,500. Now, for $1,500 you can buy an insane video.

You need to have videos online, because people connect with you much better. You also need to be yourself. One of my rules is: I don’t wear a suit and tie. I’m a young guy, I grew up online, I grew up building businesses and speaking around the world. I’m also producing, investing and acting in movies. I’m very laid back guy and I love business. I’m a born entrepreneur but at the same time, I don’t wear a suit and tie. Some people who watch my shows say, “He doesn’t wear a suit, I don’t’ trust him”, that’s fine with me because that’s who I am.

You need to really express and be fine with who you are. Just think of who you are and who you don’t want to be. For me, you’ll never see me with a suit and tie unless I have to go to a wedding and that’s the only time where I actually allow myself to dress in a suit and tie out of respect for who’s inviting me. For business, you’ll see me with a hoodie or you’ll see me with a shirt if it’s really corporate and that’s pretty much how I roll.

Use video, because it conveys all of this. Some people don’t like what I do, some people love it and some people think that I have too much hair. That’s fine, because everyone who connects to you will be pre-sold on something. Video is powerful, because it weeds out and acts like a filter in some sort of way. People who contact you will know exactly what you’re about, because they’ll feel your energy and they’ll like you. They’ll feel like, “Yeah, this is a normal human being that I like to have a drink with and can do business with.”

Those are my thoughts about using videos. It’s not as much to sell as it is to really convey who you are and what kind of person you are.

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