Strategy #9: Social Proof

You want to use social proof like testimonials, customer results, client satisfaction, messages and anything that can show prospects or customers that you are the real deal and that you actually deliver on what you promise. Testimonials are huge and this is something I recommend to all our clients. Have a few phones or small camera, so that when a client comes into your shop and they’re happy, you can ask for a quick testimonial video.

If every day of the year you ask your clients who come in for a video testimonial, you’ll get hundreds of testimonials. Post them on Facebook, YouTube and on your blog. You basically create an incredible social proof and people can’t dispute the level of service you provide. Very few businesses actually use testimonials and it’s not even about what people say: it’s how people behave on camera.

In one of my seminar companies, at the end of every event we would ask people for testimonials. We wouldn’t even tell them what to do, we would just say, “Hey, what do you think?” They would basically answer and some people would give great testimonials that are very well worded while others stumble and don’t really know what to say, but we would post that on our website, so that people don’t get the best raving testimonials that are perfectly worded like actors do perfectly.

You want to have testimonials from everyone and do every type of demographic in your target market. People can really connect with different people, different testimonials and video testimonials. Text testimonials are okay but nothing compares to a good video testimonial even if it’s shot with a handheld iPhone. Doing testimonials is the most persuasive tool for prospects of clients.