Artists: Use This #1 Technique To Get Visibility and watch how your brand is growing in front of your eyes in a short period of time.

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Matthias Mazur: You’ve just described the exact path of an up and coming artist. He wants to make a few songs or he’s made a few songs, what is what to do really because you’re competing with a lot of people. So what to do in your opinion to really start setting yourself apart?

Deams: By being satisfied first. A lot of people are looking for satisfaction or a confirmation from outsiders. So that’s one of the first things and…

Matthias Mazur: Satisfied in your music, like what you put out in that sense?

Deams: Yeah, I mean I always felt like people don’t create anything that you wouldn’t buy yourself and a lot of artists just check what the radio is playing so they get too easily influenced.

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