Strategy #8: Using Video

As you know, video it’s huge. I remember a few years ago back in 2007, everyone was saying video is the future. Now, the future is here and video is the PRESENT. It’s not even the future anymore because everyone’s on video.

Facebook is doing some very interesting things on videos. I was just talking with my marketing department and we’re pushing Facebook video very hard, because they really want to take over YouTube and they want to dominate that space. I saw an article that says 60 or 70% of all traffic in 2018 is going to be video. Think about that: over half of the traffic in the world is going to be video, because connections are faster. People have smart phones where you can watch videos and right now, video is the best tool to use to communicate.

The reason why is, people connect with you if they feel the energy you have. Some people who watch my shows don’t like me, because I don’t wear a suit and tie and some people think I look too young. I’m 29, but I look like I’m 15. At the same time, people who watch my shows reach out to us and say, “Hey, I really like what you do, how can you help me?”

Doing a video really puts out the energy and attracts the right people to you. That’s by experience and if you’re not using video, you’re losing the game. I’m not talking about doing really polished videos. I’m talking about just having a video with your phone. There’s so much stuff you can do just like walking around in your office, in your shop or in your store. Do fun things, do Q&A sessions with your clients and do testimonial videos.

Using video is absolutely indispensable at the moment and it is a MUST. You have to use video and people want to connect with video. They want to see how you are, they want to be able to communicate with you and have an interaction with you not only through text, but through video. Using a video builds the most momentum online.