Even if you are a business man or not, you should have asked yourself the following questions at least one time in your life:  “What should I publish online? How often should I publish online? How do I create content?” Well, by reading this article you’ll probably find the real answers, because I am about to share with you one of my best marketing formulas.

The theme of this article is “How to Dominate Your Industry”. I’m going to give you the exact blueprint that we use to create content and distribute it. That’s essential in any industry you’re involved in, because you really want to be able to dominate. You really want to be able to have more exposure, especially with all these online tools. You really want to be where your consumers or audience is.

In the following lines, I’m going to share with you the marketing system that I have been using for a long time. It has taken me a lot to optimize it, but I can guarantee you that it will have a big impact for your business, depending on the method that you will decide to use.  There’s a lot of back and forth with people in my network, a lot of things with my very close circle of entrepreneurial friends and this is really THE BLUEPINT. If you deploy something like this in your business, I can guarantee that people will start talking about you in a short period of time.

Start with a video

Everything starts with a video. For example, I’m shooting an episode that’s going to be posted on my blog and on YouTube and I also do Periscope sessions. What you have to understand is that creating a content system isn’t difficult, but you need to be very well organized.

Everything starts with video. It’s a multi-step process. This is what I would recommend if you’re just starting out with an online content strategy. If you hate video, get someone in your team to do it, but I would recommend that YOU should do it, because you need to build your brand and you need to establish your authority.

Think of guys like Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Donald Trump, who appear in the news a lot at the moment with the whole election thing. All these guys have a huge personal brand and that gives them a lot of leverage in anything they do. You need to get a connection with your viewers, because video is everywhere. Video is the first step of the system. Based on it, you can create the whole system.

The first thing that you want to do is to choose a 5 to 20 topic. For example, we’ll have a 6 topic episode on the article that I am writing today. If you’re in the weight loss industry, it would be “7 ways to lose weight” and if you’re in the direct response or the marketing industry, it would be “18 techniques to double your engagements”.

The formula for this is to basically chose X amount of things, strategies, techniques, tips or hacks that you want to share. You want to have a number like 12, 15 or 25.

Think about all the articles that Buzz Feed has. Whether you love or hate Buzz Feed, think of the amount of exposure it has. They have amazing headlines, like “26 places to see before you get married” or “12 things to do before turning 40” and you want to have those kind of titles, because that’s the theme for your video. That video can be on Periscope, it can be an episode, or it can be something you do weekly, it can be whatever it makes you feel good to speak about.

It can be just a video that you script in your garden by yourself or it can either be the way I suggested and in this case I would recommend 3 formulas that you can use for it.

Format #1: Create a 10 to 15 minute video

A 10 to 15 minute video is very short and this is why anyone can do it. The good news is that it can also be scripted if you’re not comfortable jamming.

For me, it’s very natural to create content on video, but for some people it’s not. If you want to have your video scripted, you want to take more time to script what you want to cover.

If people feel like you’re reading from a prompt, it’s just repulsive, because it reminds them of bad infomercials where the guy is just standing there and reading the script. That’s just lame. You need to know your lines if you want to have it scripted. If you want to script everything, you need to know the flow of things and you want to have some improvisation to it.

Format #2: Webinar

The second format would be a webinar. For example, this video would be on GoToWebinar or a conference call that you do where you can use slides. I use slides when I do key notes, because it’s a great tool to get people’s attention.

Format #3: Live Webcasting

I think GoToWebinar is a very clunky piece of software, but there’s not much on the market. We use Instant Teleseminar sometimes in some of my other businesses. I’m not a fan of the webinar technology, that’s why I prefer doing live casts or Google Hangouts. Do webinars if you prefer doing slides. We’ve used services like Ustream, Livestream, Google Hangouts, Periscope and Meerkat.

The interesting fact is that Facebook just came out with a new live webcasting service. Unfortunately, they only released it for household celebrity names. They launched this in the beginning of August and it’s called Mentions. Facebook video is starting to make a lot of noise because its mission is to take down YouTube and dominate the video space.

I always like posting on different places that’s why we have videos on Periscope, YouTube, on my blog and Facebook. You can also post your videos on those 4 platforms that I mentioned.