Strategy #11: Rewarding Loyal Customers

Everyone loves some sort of recognition. Everyone wants to be a bit famous and even though very few people admit it, the truth is: everyone likes to be recognized. There’s a lot of power in putting together a “customer of the week” program.

If you have a big business and have a lot of customers, you can do “customer of the day” or “funny outfit of the day”. If you have a restaurant and someone comes into your restaurant with a funny outfit, you can say, “Hey, this is our customer of the day” and post it on Facebook. Basically showcase a person who comes to you or showcasing your customers is an amazing way to shine the light on other people and all their friends will see that picture that you post.

It’s all about ATTENTION and it’s all about who sees what. If you showcase someone, all their friends will see that picture which means, they’ll see your business. Reward your customers online, give them discounts or give them funny stuff like stuffed animals. Just find something that’s funny and reward people like doing a “customer of the week” or “funny outfit of the day” or “funny joke of the day”. Whatever it is, reward people and showcase them on your page.