Strategy #10: Live Video

You need to do live videos and you can use platforms like Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook. Facebook just came out with a huge boom in the market with Facebook Mentions where you can stream videos or do live videos from your phone.

You will have a huge level of connection with the audience just by pressing a few buttons; pressing play and broadcasting even while you’re having a team meeting or when you get a new stock. If you have a restaurant, you can shoot a video while you’re walking around in the kitchen or just greeting customers.

Videos are huge but live streams are even bigger. That’s my view on it, because even though video can be very spontaneous, live streams are live. In a way, the audience is always testing you. For example, do a Q&A session live where you can really evade the questions that is asked. I think it’s great, because if you’re a coach or a consultant, people can put you on the spot with Q&A sessions. If you actually deliver a good answer, you win and that person will follow you for years.

Do live videos with Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Mentions. Facebook Mentions isn’t live yet for everyone. It’s only for celebrities, but eventually, in a few weeks or a few months it will and they’ll roll it out to everyone.