Strategy #6: Gamification

If you have a brick and mortar business, create a contest. Put together contests where you actually give people the opportunity to win a $50 gift card, a new thing or one of the products that you have on clearance. Whatever it is, you need to create a contest. Let’s say you have a flower shop, create a contest for Mother’s Day where they can send you a funny picture of their mother. You could also put a rule like the picture needs to have 5 flowers or at least 1 flower in the photograph.

Create those different contests, because people love playing and people love to compete. Everyone loves those social media contest. Make good use of that, because that can go viral. If you’re a small shop, you really want to give out. For example, if you have a burger joint with the best homemade burgers, you can tag and create a contest where people can give their own recipe or create a contest with the “best recipe of the week”. The best customer recipe of the week, of the month or of the year will get a full meal for free.

It’s not about getting new customers, it is about getting ENGAGEMENTS. The reason why is: the way Facebook works is, the more your page is engaged and the more people engage with you, the more their friends see notifications about you. You really want to have as much back and forth with them as possible and doing a contest is an amazing way to do it. It’s a fun way for you to reward people, it cost you next to nothing and you also build social love. Other examples are elections, best looking burger of the month or best looking flower arrangement of the month. You can do all these contest and there are dozens of ideas. If you brainstorm a bit, you’ll come up with fun contests to do.