You need to outsource and understand how to outsource. Try to look at all the graphic work that you have on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr for your header image and then, think of the first timers when someone comes to your sights or your properties. What impression does that give? Is it a good impression? Do your properties give your viewers the feeling that you know your stuff and that you can actually help them?

If you’re not a graphic designer, get someone else to do it and don’t learn Photoshop. It’s going to take you weeks or months to do it and it could take someone else an hour or maybe a few days at most to do everything. You need to outsource graphic work, tech work and sales if you don’t want to do sales. Outsource the small things that you feel you’re not the best at so you can really spend time leveraging the relationships you have.

Start to leverage what you have like the value you have and that’s how you can grow. Generally, most service providers that I’ve met in the past few years spend time doing things that they should not be doing. They try to do a bit of Facebook, a bit of Twitter, change this graphic or add plugins on Facebook and they try to do things that they don’t know how to do.

Outsource that by going to a site like It is a platform formerly known as Odesk and Elance. They merged and it’s now called Upwork. You’ll find incredible talents who can do your stuff, who can do all your graphic, your tech work, your video work and your audio editing. Do that outsource so you can really focus on what you do best.