Carrie, a follower of our weekly show “Coach’s Corner” asked:“Which social media platforms should I use to grow my yoga studio business?”

Here’s my answer to Carrie:

The number one way to get money and to make money is to go to people who have already trusted you, then go to social media platform. I say go get money first because social media is a long term game.

You’re not going to convert sales tomorrow with social media unless you do paid advertising, which I highly recommend. I would rather go after money first and then start building social media, but it works in sync.

You need to make money because you need to pay your bills but you need to create value and long term assets too. Facebook is the number 1 platform. If you’re not Facebook, you’re nowhere.

You need to be on Facebook and be actively posting. One thing about posting on Facebook which I really recommend and I’m a big advocate of is posting TMZ-style footage because in a way, that’s what society has been trained to watch and to see.

I wouldn’t only publish real professional footage and perfectly polished stuff. I would actually go out and create just amateurish videos on my phone. Facebook is number one, Twitter is inevitable. You have to be on Twitter because being on Twitter helps you be on Periscope.

The bigger the audience on Twitter, the bigger the audience you can push on Periscope. If you have a Yoga studio, I would do a live broadcast on Periscope during classes or during exercises and give any advice or any special poses and tips about Yoga.

I would do Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and Meerkat. Depending on the targeted market, I would use LinkedIn too. I think LinkedIn is a must because it’s a very high end platform.

The majority of people makes over $75,000 a year so they have money to spend and LinkedIn is a big one and then do Instagram. Yoga is perfect for Instagram because Yoga lends itself very well to visual content like videos and pictures. Then, if you have time, just be everywhere.

The way I play the game is I recommend having a great content strategy. The goal is to be everywhere because you’ll never know who’s going to check out your Tumbler, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Periscope.

I’m a big advocate of being everywhere but you have to put more focus on where your audience spends the most time.

What about you? What social platforms do you prefer most? I am waiting to hear from you in the comments section below.