Strategy #7: Leveraging Local

As you know, EVERYONE has a phone right now. I was having a drink with a friend of mine in a restaurant and we were contemplating of having food at that place or just move and go somewhere else. We were already sitting in the restaurant and instead of asking if the food is good, I didn’t, because if you ask the waiter if the food is good, of course he’s going to say it’s good. Why would he lie? What I did was, I pulled up my phone and searched on “Yelp” and “Trip Adviser”. I just saw all these reviews about the restaurant and there were some bad reviews, so we just had a drink and left.

That’s the power of reviews and if you’re a business owner, you need to monitor that. You need to do everything you can to get high ratings and that means reaching out to people who left a bad review, because people appreciate that. People would appreciate the business owner reaching out and saying “Hey, we’re sorry. The waiter had a bad day and we’d love to give you 50% off your next meal”. You need to recognize and interact on a local level.

Do anything you can do in your area and organizations around you. For example, interact with the local charity, the local soccer club or the local pet protection organization association. There are all these different small local things, agencies, associations and clubs that you can interact and create a partnership with. They get you exposure and you get their exposure.

There are a lot of joint ventures you can put together locally. If you’re in a small town or even if you’re living in a big town that in itself can double the business just by leveraging everything local. The way you do it is: you call people up, just reach out in the community and you ask them, “Hey, this is what we do and we’d love to do a joint venture with you, so let’s talk.” Just talk to them and go meet with them. Unless the guy’s a complete moron, who wouldn’t be open to doing something cool, because that makes money for both of you. Try leveraging local events, local charities and local clubs.