Brand Up

Brand Up

In this episode, Matthias talks about the best 10 techniques to BOOST your BRAND ONLINE.

  • Using Video For Your Online Brand 3-9

    Strategy #8: Using Video As you know, video it’s huge. I remember a few years ago back in 2007, everyone was saying video is the future. Now, the future is here and video is the PRESENT. It’s not even the future anymore because everyone’s on video. Facebook is doing some very interesting things on videos. ...

  • Get More Sales With Social Proof 3-10

    Strategy #9: Social Proof You want to use social proof like testimonials, customer results, client satisfaction, messages and anything that can show prospects or customers that you are the real deal and that you actually deliver on what you promise. Testimonials are huge and this is something I recommend to all our clients. Have a ...

  • Want Content? Start with Video! Want Content - Start with Video

    Even if you are a business man or not, you should have asked yourself the following questions at least one time in your life:  “What should I publish online? How often should I publish online? How do I create content?” Well, by reading this article you’ll probably find the real answers, because I am about ...

  • Social Media Stats – Why mobile is a MUST 2-2

    As we all know, people spend a lot of time by interacting through social media. The fact that every single social platform is growing bigger and bigger every day isn’t a secret anymore, so let’s have a look at some interesting stats about the dynamic rhythm that describes today’s society in terms of online communication. Stat#1: ...

  • Brand Up with Matthias Mazur – The Best Social Media Content Strategy 2-1

    In this episode, Matthias talks about the best social media content strategy for your brand. In this episode, Matthias talks about the best social media content strategy for your brand.

  • An Extra Piece Of Content To BOOST Your Business An Extra Piece Of Content To BOOST Your Business

    Create quotes I really recommend getting your own blog, because you need to own your brand online. We already have video, audio, eBook, articles and mini clips. We’re going to go a bit further, because some platforms don’t lend themselves to posting very long videos and that’s why we want to create quotes. You want to pull ...

  • No Time To Create Hours Of Content? Watch This! No Time To Create Hours Of Content Watch This!

    12 Month Strategy Creating a 12 month strategy will really help you boost clients and dominate your market place. The first stept that you’ll need to follow when is doing 1 video a week. If you can do a video a day, a full 60 minute episode a week or a 10 minute or 15 minute video a ...

  • How To Split And Publish Your Content Online Where to Publish Your Audio Content

    From podcast to text Once you have the video and the audio, you then turn them into text. This will allow you to hit another demographic. Some people love to watch videos, some to listen to podcasts and some to read. People who love to read sometimes don’t want to watch YouTube videos and some of ...

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